Year-round FULL SERVICE maintenance packages

United Yacht Services offers year-round maintenance packages.

Completely take the hassle out of maintaining your yacht by having United Yacht Services keeping your yacht ready for use and in tip top condition - top to bottom, bow to stern.

Our scheduled maintenance programmes have been developed to ensure the necessary regular maintenance is completed according to a continuing program - on time, every time.

United Yacht Services makes sure your yacht is getting the attention it needs!

Every week, every month, year round!! 

How does it work? 

  • We charge a monthly fee to oversee and manage your boat, its maintenance, repairs and general upkeep such as top to bottom washdown, teakcleaning, stainless polishing etc.
  • We visit your boat at least once a week, principally to check she is secure, we also check on such items as mooring lines and fenders, heaters and dehumidifiers.
  • Each week we run up all the systems onboard providing you with a detailed report highlighting anything that in our opinion needs attention.
  • We arrange, coordinate and oversee any work that is required.
  • We design and implement a routine maintenance schedule for the boat

Our view is that we can save you money by:

  • Identifying problems early
  • Only doing work that is required
  • Using the best skilled labour
  • Passing on our discounts over a range of equipment and services
  • In addition we are on hand to provide an unlimited supply of help and advice as you require it throughout the year.