Refit & Repair


Boats and yachts are subjected to harsh conditions caused by the sun, sea, salt and not to forget dirt, soot and fumes. Especially the more porous gelcoats are very prone to deterioration by the above influences…

That is why it is almost compulsory to polish and protect the surfaces of the boat.

Whether it is an old, faded and sun battered gelcoat or a scratched up Awlgrip paint system, rest assured that your yacht ends up with the shiniest and most scratch free result.

As for protection we can offer more traditional polymer waxes, as well as the latest high tech solutions in ceramic coatings such as Zertona, Nano Coat and Zytexx.

So the surface is protected to anything Mother Nature can throw at it…

Teak Repairs & New Decking

United Yacht Services specializes in teak replacements, either planks or full decking. 
We also offers teak rejuvenation/restoration services where we sand, recaulk, replace planks, replug, sand and treat your teak decks, bringing them back to life and giving them added durability.  


U.Y.S. can organise any carpentry work or shipwrighting to be carried out by qualified and experienced quality tradesmen.

Vessel Haulage & Antifouling

United Yacht Services offers a full hassle free yard period for you and your yacht. 
We can deliver to any yard of you liking and give your vessel it’s necessary annual maintenance yard period including anode replacement, antifouling, hull polishing and any other maintenance which may be required. 


From a simple repair to full construction of stainless steel fixtures and railings, we can arrange for any stainless steel fabrication and design work to be carried out on your yacht to the highest of standards.


From small spot repair to full paint jobs UYS offers super yacht quality. 
We also varnish capping rails, tables and cabinetry in our climate controlled spray booth.


UYS specialises in gelcoat and fibre-glass repairs, whether it is a superficial crease or major delamination.
We can restore your yacht back to its original state.